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Ying-Chin Ko, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine


Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan, 1984


Investigator, Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine, National Health Research Institutes
Director, Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine, National Health Research Institutes
Visiting Scholar, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard University (1986-1988)
Professor, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan


Dr. Ko's research interests are listed below:
- Epidemiology
- Environmental Medicine
- Aboriginal and Austronesian Health
- Medical Genetics
- Occupational Medicine Specialist


Professor Ying-Chin Ko has exceptional expertise, and previously held eminent public-sector positions, in Kaoshiung city, Provincial Government of Taiwan, National Department of Health, Council of Labor Affairs, Department of Environmental Protection, Council of Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan, National Council of Science, Department of Education, and Medical Specialist Board of Examiners; as well as important academic positions as an occupational medicine specialist, consultant and Advisory Committee member for research within Taiwan and abroad. In his academic career so far, Professor Ko has made over 180 original papers, in scientific journals both domestically in Taiwan and internationally. Researches specifically pertaining to Taiwanese aborigines health, betel quid and health effects, the etiology of lung cancer in non-smoker female, PCB intoxication and air pollution.The top five in-house articles (first / corresponding author) have been cited 498 times and the top ten 667 times until September, 2006 on the average, 99.6 times and 66.7 times respectively.


- Achievement award for promoting aboriginal society development, National Council for Indigenous People Affairs, Executive Yuan, ROC, November 11, 2002.
- Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Health of Taiwanese Aborigines and Off-shore Islands, Conferred by President Chen Shu-Bian, December 13, 2001.
- Outstanding award for high scholastic achievement in medical research, Wang Ming-Ning Memorial Foundation, 2000.
- Excellent award for research, Natioanl Science Council, ROC, 1990, 1995-2000.
- Dr. Tu Memorial award for Medical Research, Taiwan Medical Association, 1997.
- Excellent contribution award, Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences, 1989-1992, 1995.
- Outstanding award for research, National Science Council, ROC, 1989, 1991-1994.
- Excellent contribution award to AIDS control, National Department of Health, Executive Yuan, ROC, 1991.
- Outstanding award for teaching, Ministry of Education, ROC, 1989.
- Fellowship award for postdoctor (at Harvard University), Ministry of Education, ROC, 1986-1988.


1.Wang TN, Chen WY, Huang YF, Shih NH, Feng WW, Tseng HI, Lee CH, Ko YC*.
The synergistic effects of the IL-9 gene and environmental exposures on asthmatic Taiwanese families as determined by the transmission/disequilibrium test.
International (European) Journal of Immunogenetics33:105-110, 2006.
2.Wu IC, Wu DC, Tsai SM, Lee KW, Kuo WR, Wang SW, Cheng YJ, Kao EL, Yang MS, Ko YC*. Interaction between cigarette, alcohol and betel nut use on Esophageal Cancer Risk in Taiwan. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 36: 236-241, 2006.
3.Chen PH, Tsai CC, Lin YC, Ko YC, Yang YH, Shieh TY, Ho PS, Li CM, Ko Albert MS, Chen CH*. Ingredients contribute to variation in production of reactive oxygen species by areca quid in oral mucosa. J Toxicol Environmental Health 69: 1055-1069, 2006.
4. Wang TN ,Huang MC ,Chang WT , Ko Albert MS ,Tsai EM ,Liu CS , Ko YC*
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5. Huang MC, Wang TN, Ko YC*, et al Association between apolipoprotein CIII SstI polymorphism and hypertriglyceridemia in Taiwan aborigines. Circulation Journal 2006 (in press).
6. Yang MS, Ho SY, Chou FH, Chang SJ, Ko YC*. Physical abuse during pregnancy and risk of infant low birth weight among aborigines in Taiwan. Public Health, 2006 (accepted).
(*=Corresponding Author)