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Wei-Cheng Lian, BVM, Ph D.

Adjunct Assistant Investigator
Vaccine Research and Development Center


  • Ph D., Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University, 1994
  • BVM, Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University, 1988


  • Chief of Production section, Vaccine center, CDC (2003-present)
  • Associate investigator, Vaccine center, CDC (2002-2003)
  • Assistant investigator, Vaccine center, Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health (1999-2002)


    Dr. Lians research interests in the areas of vaccinology and virology. He worked out an approach for virus vaccines including cell-based Japanese encephalitis virus vaccine and enterovirus type 71 vaccine. He has participated in a development project to prepare re-assortment H5N1 influenza virus banks as vaccine reference.


    Dr. Lian presently manages a factory, which conforms to current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, for production of vaccine and antivenom for human use. He and colleagues of production section have refined the manufacturing processes in order to enhance the purity and potency of these biological products. These products are distributed in the domestic market so far.


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