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Su-Ying Wu, Ph.D.

Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research


Ph.D., Structural Biochemistry, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK (1995)
B.S., Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (1990)


• Investigator, Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan (2011-present)
• Associate Investigator, Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan (2006-2011)
• Assistant Investigator, Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan (2002-2006)
• Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Edinburgh, UK (1999-2001)


The main research interests in Dr. Wu's lab are to effectively identify drug hits by advanced structure-based virtual screening and computer-aided drug design technology. The interactions of drug hits with the target proteins are studied by x-ray protein crystallography to facilitate the further drug lead optimization.


Structure-based drug design has played an important role in the drug discovery process because of its efficiency to reduce the high cost and wastage in time and money to discover a novel drug. This approach promises the development of drugs which have more specificity toward the targets and fewer side effects, since the lead compounds can be modified atom by atom to fit their specific targets by visualizing the three-dimensional structure of the target protein-drug complex using x-ray crystallographic technology. Dr. Wu's lab works closely with other labs, including chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology labs in the Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, National Health Research Institutes, to discovery and develop novel anti-diabetics, anti-virus and anti-cancer drugs.


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  • US 2005/0222222 A1 R.O.C Patent pending 94107143 "Pyrrolidine compounds"
  • US 2006/0019967 A1 R.O.C Patent pending, 94136180 "SARS CoV Main Protease Inhibitors"