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Ching Yao, Ph.D.

Associate Investigator
Division of Medical Engineering Research


  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • B. S., Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan


  • Scientist, Diasonics MRI, USA
  • Scientist Fellow, Toshiba America MRI Inc., USA
  • Research Scientist, Fonar Corporation, USA


    Current interests are: ultra-high speed MRI taking advantage of combined effects of multi-coil acquisition, multi-branch signal generation, and novel reconstruction; design of small-animal MRI scanners; applications of computational electromagnetics to the design of MRI coils.


    Current research is focused in MRI-guided surgery and therapy: MR temperature mapping during thermal ablation of tumors; design of array coils for interventional MR applications; imaging sequence design and image reconstruction for high-speed temperature mapping; system design with multi-channel software radio receivers.


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    2. C-P Lin, Van J. Wedeen, C. Yao, J-H Chen, W-Y I. Tseng, "Validation of Diffusion Spectrum Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Registered Manganese-enhanced Optic Tracts and Phantom," NeuroImage,19:482-495, 2003.


  • "Method and Apparatus for Integrated MRI Receive Coil and Therapeutic Devices" Chang H, Yao C, Chen JH and Hwang SC.
  • US Patent 5,909,119 "Method and Apparatus for Providing Separate Fat and Water MRI Images in a Single Acquisition Scan" Zhang W, Kramer D, Goldhaber D, Yao C and Chang H, 1999.
  • US Patent 5,422,572 "Method and Apparatus for Substantially Simultaneously exciting a Plurality of Slices in NMR Imaging" Yao C; 1995.
  • US Patent 4,885,542 "MRI Compensated for Spurious NMR Frequency/Phase Shifts Caused by Spurious Changes in Magnetic Fields During NMR Data Measurement Processes" Yao C, Hale J, Crooks L and Kaufman L; 1989.
  • US Patent 4,837,513 "MRI Using Asymmetric RF Nutation Pulses and Asymmetric Synthesis of Complex Conjugated SE Data to Reduce TE and T2 Decay of NMR Spin Echo Responses" Yao C; 1989.