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Yi-Wen Tsai, Ph.D.

Associate Investigator
Institute of Population Health Sciences


Ph.D., Health Services and Policy Analysis, University of California at Berkeley, USA
M.H.A., Health Administration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
B.S., Nursing, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan


- Associate Investigator of Center for Health Policy Research and Development, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
- Associate Professor of Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
- Associate Investigator of Division of Health Policy Research, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
- Assistant Investigator of Division of Health Policy Research, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
- Researcher of market analysis at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, USA


Dr. Tsai's main research of interest include economic analysis on health insurance. Another field of interest is the economic analysis of tobacco taxation and substance abuse


Dr. Tsai had been involved in cigarette taxation policy with governmental agents because of her academic achievement on academic articles on cigarette smoking. She was rewarded for tobacco control academic publication in 2004 and 2005.


- Excellent Article Award on Public Health, The 13th Professor Kung- Pei Chen Memorial Award (Social science) of Taiwan Public Health Association (?????????????????????????????? (?????)


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