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Trong-Neng Wu, Ph.D.

Joint-appointed Investigator
Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine


Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, 1987


- Joint-appointed Investigator, Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan (2006-present)
- Vice President, China Medical University (2005-present)l Director-General, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Education (2004-2005)
- Secretary-General, Ministry of Education (2002-2005)
- Deputy Executive Secretary, 921 Reconstruction Council (2000-2002)
- Director, Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Kaohsiung Medical University (2000-present)l Professor, Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Kaohsiung Medical University (1999-present)
- Director-General, National Quarantine Service, Department of Health (1993-1999)
- Special Assistant to Minister of Health, Department of Health (1990-1993)
- Director, Bureau of Health, Chia-Yi City (1988-1990)
- Director, Bureau of Environmental Protection, Chia-Yi City (1988-1989)
- Specialist, Bureau of Environmental Protection, Department of Health (1985-1987)
- Factory Inspector of Kaohsiung City Hall (1980-1985)


Dr. Wu's research interests are listed as follows:
- Noise and lead stress
- Occupational Health
- Infectious Diseases Control
- Public Health


Dr. Wu focuses his research related to occupational health, public health, workrelated reproductive hazard research. Concerning about the field of occupational health and public health, the “Program to Reduce Exposure by Surveillance System (PRESS) has been established since 1993. Three sub surveillance systems are included: (1) PRESSS-BLLs, (2) PRESS-NIHL, and (3) PRESS-WORD. These systems have been established and executed productively and the collected results have been studied and published periodically. Considering the field of cohort, “The study on life spam epidemiology of Chinese physician” funded by National Science Council, has been executed and the collected data, such as NHI, Labor Insurance, and mortality has been examined to analysis the occupational hazard. Recently, in order to get more understanding in occupational reproductive hazards, the research interests have been shifted to the studies on infirtility, levels of hormones and immunoglobulin among female adolescences, and offspring sex ratio.


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